The Association

LavenderToowoomba Community Organic Gardens Association Inc. is a not-for-profit community group promoting natural gardening and farming practices.

Previously known as Darling Downs Natural Growers Group, established in 1982 by a group of concerned citizens, the organisation partnered with philanthropic landholders and the then Toowoomba City Council to set aside land in 1995 that was to become "Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens" with the first on-ground work commencing in November 1996. TCOGA members have stewardship of the gardens today, continuing to progress and refine the original concept plans for the site.

Our Charter - Aims and Objectives

To farm and garden in ways that improve soil fertility and biological activity, maintain biodiversity and protect sensitive habitats and landscapes.
To avoid using artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.
To embrace the collection and growing of open pollination seeds, including heirloom varieties.
To provide a group for like-minded people to exchange ideas and support each other.
To educate members and the wider community about sustainable organic practices and assist people to adopt these practices.
To use renewable resources, recycle materials and minimize pollution and waste.
To provide fair and safe working conditions for workers and volunteers.
To learn from the aboriginal communities, ethnic groups and traditional farmers about plants and farming methods.
To utilise new scientific work that is consistent with our mission.
To treat livestock humanely and respect the habitat of native birds and animals.
To grow healthy quality crops, with any processing to be of a high organic standard with recognized certification where appropriate.
To support local people using sustainable systems of food production and processing.
To encourage government action and support issues that relate to our mission and charter, including incentives for growers/producers to convert to suitable organic systems, and to provide more consumer information.



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